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Concrete Grinding Shoes

Discover Our Extensive Collection of Concrete Grinding Shoes for Every Machine.

Selecting the right grinding shoes is crucial for achieving the perfect finish for your flooring project. Our extensive inventory caters to nearly every machine on the market, ensuring you find the precise match for your equipment.

Optimal Pairing: Our range includes the versatile Redi-lock for Husqvarna Floor Grinders and Taman Floor Grinders and the EZ Shoe designed for HTC machines.  Matching your machine with the correct grinding shoes enhances performance and outcomes.

Shoes for Every Material: Understand the rule of thumb for optimal grinding: Soft bond grinding shoes are ideal for hard materials, ensuring a smoother grind. Conversely, hard bond shoes are your go-to for soft materials, providing the durability needed for such surfaces.

Surface Preparation: Choose from 6, 16, or 30 Grit grinding segments, typically used for initial surface preparation or exposing aggregate in preparation for polishing. Shoes with 60 and 120 Grit segments are perfect for honing and priming floors for the final polish.

Coating Removal: For tougher jobs, such as removing thick coatings, we recommend PCDs and bush hammers. these specialist tools are very aggressive and often require further grinding.

Enhance your floor grinding experience with our top-quality grinding tooling. For comprehensive guidance, delve into our expert article on grinding tool selection, and ensure you make the informed choice for your flooring project.




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