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Brick Saws

What Are Brick Saws?

Brick saws are specialised tools for cutting bricks, blocks, and other masonry materials. These saws feature a powerful motor and a diamond blade that enables them to make accurate and precise cuts through even the thickest and toughest masonry materials.

When Should I Use A Brick Saw?

Bricksaws come in different sizes and designs, from portable handheld saws to larger stationary saws suitable for professional applications.

They are ideal for construction and renovation projects that involve cutting bricks and blocks to fit specific measurements and designs. With a brick saw, you can achieve a clean and professional-looking finish on your masonry projects, making it an essential tool for any bricklayer or masonry worker.

Choosing The Right Diamond Blade For Your Brick Saw

Matching diamond blades to the cut material is essential when using brick saws. Diamond blades are designed to cut through different materials, including bricks, blocks, and other masonry materials. Choosing the right diamond blade ensures that the saw can make clean and precise cuts without damaging the blade or the material.

Using the wrong diamond blade for the material can cause the blade to wear out prematurely, overheat, or even break during cutting. This can not only damage the blade but can also pose a safety hazard to the operator.

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