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Air Scrubbers

H-Class air scrubbers represent the pinnacle of air filtration technology designed to manage and improve air quality in environments where air purity is paramount. These devices are engineered to capture a wide range of airborne particles, including dust, mould spores, bacteria, and other pollutants, with a guaranteed efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 microns. This high level of performance meets the standards set for H-Class filters, making these air scrubbers suitable for industries and applications where clean air is critical, such as asbestos abatement, pharmaceutical manufacturing, healthcare facilities, and any setting requiring contamination control.

Key Features of H-Class Air Scrubbers:

  1. Advanced Filtration: Equipped with H13 HEPA filters, H-Class air scrubbers trap extremely fine particles, offering protection against harmful airborne contaminants.
  2. Durable Construction: Often built with robust materials, these air scrubbers are designed to withstand the rigours of industrial environments while maintaining their effectiveness.
  3. Versatile Design: Many models feature stackable designs, variable speed controls, and indicators for filter maintenance, combining functionality with user-friendly operation.
  4. Portability: Despite their heavy-duty capabilities, H-Class air scrubbers are designed for ease of transport, often featuring lightweight frames and casters or handles for mobility.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: H-Class air scrubbers comply with the strictest regulations for air purity, ensuring that they can be employed in sensitive work areas to protect both processes and personnel.
  6. Multi-Stage Filtration Systems: These air scrubbers typically incorporate multiple stages of filtration, including pre-filters for larger particles and activated carbon filters for odours and gases, in addition to their HEPA filters.
  7. Safety Features: Many come with warning systems to indicate when filters need replacement or the system is not functioning optimally, ensuring uninterrupted air purification.

H-Class air scrubbers are more than just air filters; they are comprehensive air management systems designed for scenarios where air quality cannot be compromised. With their sophisticated filtration capabilities and robust designs, they play an essential role in creating a safer, cleaner, and more controlled environment.




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