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Drills & Drilling Equipment

Core Drilling Equipment

Taman stock a wide range of drilling equipment.

Core drills are used to create holes by utilising core drill barrels. Our core drills are able to produce holes up to 900mm. These drills are available as handheld units or stand mounted units. To drill efficiently, the drill motors need to spin at specific RPM ranges, drilling with a larger barrel at high speeds will not decrease the drill time, but it will glaze the drill bit segments. Always ensure that the gear selected is suitable for the core barrel.

Handheld Core Drills

Handheld core drills do not require a drill stand and can produce holes up to 160mm. These drills are commonly used by electricians, plumbers, and fencing contractors. These drills can be used with a 10-amp socket and have 3 gears.

Rig-Mounted Drills

When larger holes need to be drilled a stand is required to stabilise the drill during the cut. These stands must be secured by either an anchor bolt or a vacuum pump. These larger drills will require 15-amp or 3 phase power to be available. These drills are available in standard carbon brushed electric motors or Switch Reluctant motors.

Switch Reluctant Motors

Switch Reluctant (SR) Motors are novel high-performance motors that do not require carbon brushes to function. The SR motor is completely sealed which allows for inverted drilling without the need for water collection rings. The SR motors also incorporate an electronic gear box allowing for 18 different gears to be selected. This allows the drill to spin at the exact speed required for the cut.

We supply WEKA core drills. WEKA have been producing core drills and advanced electric motors from their factory in Altbulach, Germany since 1988. WEKA are pioneers of unique motor and drill technology such as the switch reluctant motor and intellitoronic motor management. The WEKA core drills have established themselves as the pinnacle of high performance, durable machines that are favoured by professionals.

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