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Brick and Block Blades

Brick and Block saws utilise diamond saw blades up to 500mm. We offer a wide range of brick and block saw blades to suit your cutting needs and budget including silent blades for cutting refractory material.The blades in our professional range are our best performing, fastest cutting diamond blades. Incorporating the very latest in arranged diamond technology from Zenesis in conjunction with bonds that have been developed over 25 years specifically for the Australian market. These blades make no compromises when it comes to quality and are the absolute best we have to offer.

Our Premium Brick & Block Blade Range

Our premium range favours a longer life and a sharper price point as compared to our professional range. These blades still incorporate the arranged diamond technology from Zenesis but do not feature turbo segments. If you are looking for a good balance between speed and life then these blades are what you are after.

Our Trade Brick & Block Blade Range

Our trade range is for getting the job done on a budget. These blades will get the job done but they lack the life of our premium range and the speed of the professional range. If you are only using diamond blades every now and then, then these blades are for you.

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