We carry a wide range of drill bits from 12(diameter symbol) mm to 600(diameter symbol), we can also custom make drill bits in almost any length and diameter.
There are two industry standard back end fittings (except for Hilti) ½” BSP and 1 1/4” UNC. ½” BSP fittings are typically found are core barrels between the sizes of 12mm and 45mm, these barrels are usually 350mm long (effective drilling length). 1 ¼” UNC are used for core barrels from 45mm and above, these barrels are usually 450mm long. Most core drills (except Hilti) are capable of using either fitting. We carry a range of adaptors that will allow you to use a core barrel with almost any drill, including an SDS drill.

We recommend using a drill stand when core drilling, this will ensure that your holes are straight, and it will make the drilling experience considerably more enjoyable. When core drilling it is important for the core drill motor to spin at the correct speed. Larger drill bits require the core motor to spin slower to cut effectively. Attempting to drill at excessive speed will glaze the segments and may damage your core drill. Always refer to your core drill manual to determine what gear your core drill should be in.

Our professional range of barrels favour life over speed and have a harder bond than our trade range. These drill bits are best suited for clay brick, limestone and asphalt, but can also be used for reinforced concrete. Our trade range of barrels provides a cost effective fast drilling solution, especially suited to heavily reinforced concrete.

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