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Diamond Wire for Wire Saws

Taman’s Concrete and Steel Cutting Diamond Wire.

We have over 30 years of experience providing top-quality diamond wire for all types of demolition and clearance work. Including breaking up bridges, removing large columns and floating platforms unaffected by steel reinforcing and wall thickness levels.

Concrete and Steel Cutting Wire

We have access to a vast range of wire and the capability to match the wire provided to the job.  We always have concrete and steel cutting wire in stock and can ship immediately.  Bespoke orders can be manufactured and delivered in as little as two weeks.

We offer both brazed and sintered wire. Sintered and brazed wires are both used for cutting and sawing applications, but they have different properties and performance characteristics.

Sintered Wire

is made by mixing diamond grits with a metal binder and then sintering the mixture at high temperatures. This process creates a solid bead of diamond grits bonded together by the metal binder. Sintered diamond wires are typically used for cutting concrete, stone, and other masonry materials. Bond levels can be adjusted by modifying the ratio of different metal powders, which allows adaptation to a wide range of concrete and provides the longest life amongst types of diamond wire. They are also less expensive than brazed diamond wires.

Brazed Wire

is made by brazing diamond grits to a metal wire. This process creates a bead of diamond grits bonded to the metal wire by a brazing alloy. Brazed wires are typically used for cutting steel and heavily reinforced concrete. They are more expensive than sintered diamond wires, but they offer better cutting performance.

We have wire ranging from 40 to 55 beads per meter electroplated, brazed or sintered to suit machines like Hydrostrees, Husqvarna or Pentruder Wire Saw machines. We also carry a good range of joiners, crimpers and pulley systems. We are also able to supply continuous loop wire at any length. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can advise you of the suitable diamond wire for your next project.




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