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Pentruder 3P8 High Frequency Wiresaw


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The Pentruder 3P8 wire saw combines low weight with extraordinary performance and is suitable for both small and very big jobs.

Key Features:
Max continuous power of 22Kw
Auto feed system
Slip clutch system to reduce machine wear
All modules are less than 25kg
Storage capacity – 8m per stroke of the carriage
Combines low weight with extraordinary performance for both small and big jobs. 70 mm column system as rig.

Technical Strengths

Easy Setup:
The wire can be run over all wheels on the machine without opening the wire. The wire can be run also over the adjustable swivelling wheels, without having to cut the wire. The 3P8’s design allows for direct cuts to be made, and satellite wheels can mostly be omitted

Big storage capacity:
Wire storage capacity without external pulley, approximately 16 m. Two 1.2 m columns = approximately 1.4 m of travel = 11.2 m storage

Easy start of the wire:
The high starting torque makes it easy to start the wire over sharp corners and irregularly shaped objects. Normally corners do not have to be chamfered before the wire is started. On the 3P8, the wire can be started and reversed several times to simplify start-up. A groove can be cut also on the slack side before starting to cut.

Automatic feed:
Automatic feed, without air cylinders or need for compressed air. Wire tensioning is fully automatic, with some exceptions. The tensioning of the wire is governed by software and a microprocessor / digital servo amplifier driven electric feed motor.

Variable cutting speed:
The cutting speed is continuously variable from 0 to 21 m/second (4100 sft/min), when driven by the 18, (25HP), 22 kW (30HP) or the 27 kW (37HP) motor.

Exceptional cutting results:
Normal results in concrete, using a wire that is well adapted to the high power of the 3P8 wire saw are between 3 – 6 m² 32 – 64 sq ft per hour in reinforced concrete containing “normal” aggregate and between 1.5 – 3 m², 16 – 32 sq ft per hour in reinforced concrete containing flint or river gravel aggregate.




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