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Concrete Floor Grinders

Powerful Concrete Floor Grinders for Efficient Job Completion

Taman supplies a range of concrete floor grinders. Floor grinders can generally be divided into two categories: direct drive and planetary. In general, direct drive machines are best suited to floor preparation and material removal, while planetary grinders are best suited to honing and polishing activities.

Direct Drive Floor Grinders

Direct drive grinders feature a single grinding head or ring that is driven directly by the motor without the use of gears or belts. These grinders are fantastic for aggressive grinds and are a favoured tool for floor preparation. The lack of gears and belts mean that the machines are relatively simple to fix and usually difficult to break. If you plan on preparing a floor for coatings, tiles, carpet, or timber this type of grinder is worth considering.

The draw back from direct drive is that the machines are typically limited in size (max 480mm) and the lack of multiple grinding heads reduces the ability of the grinder to produce a high grade finish. This means that these machines are not suitable for honing concrete or polishing concrete.

Planetary Floor Grinders

Planetary grinders feature a primary plate and multiple satellite grinding heads arrange in a similar way that planets rotate around the sun in our solar system. Planetary grinders utilise gears or belts to direct drive from the motor to the satellites. This allows machines to increase in size and cover a greater surface area in each pass. Planetary grinders are able to produce a high grade honed finished and can be used to polish concrete. Planetary grinders are also easier to handle and put less strain on the operator.

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