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V500 Grinder Package

V 500 Package

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Upgrade Your Flooring Capabilities with Our Versatile Concrete Floor Grinder Package

Designed for professionals ready to take on larger residential and light commercial projects, our Concrete Floor Grinder Package offers the power and versatility needed to elevate your flooring services. This comprehensive package combines high-performance tools and customizable options to ensure you’re well-equipped for a variety of grinding tasks.

Package Components:

  • V500 – 15 Amp Single Phase 4kw Planetary Concrete Floor Grinder: The V500 stands out in our package as a powerhouse concrete floor grinder that uniquely combines a high output of 4kw with the convenience of single-phase power. This exceptional design means operators can unleash a remarkable level of grinding power in environments where three-phase power might not be available. Ideal for residential and light commercial projects, the V500 ensures that access to electrical outlets doesn’t limit your capability to perform demanding grinding tasks. Its planetary system enhances efficiency, allowing for broader surface coverage and faster preparation times, all while maintaining the ease of use and accessibility of single-phase power.
  • TDE2-AC – H Class Self-Cleaning Vacuum: To accompany the V500 grinder, we’ve included the TDE2-AC H Class Self-Cleaning Vacuum. This state-of-the-art vacuum system not only keeps your working environment clean by effectively capturing dust and debris but also enhances the machine’s longevity with its self-cleaning feature. It’s essential for maintaining high standards of health and safety on site.
  • 9 X Redi-Lock Grinding Shoes of Your Choosing: Tailor your grinding experience to the specific needs of each project with nine customizable Redi-Lock Grinding Shoes. Whether you’re removing coatings, smoothing rough surfaces, or preparing floors for a new finish, these interchangeable shoes provide the flexibility to tackle any task with confidence.

Why Choose Our Concrete Floor Grinder Package?

  • Powerful and Efficient: The V500 grinder is engineered to handle residential or light commercial projects with ease, delivering consistent, high-quality results faster than ever before.
  • Versatile and Customizable: With a selection of Redi-Lock Grinding Shoes and the advanced capabilities of the TDE2-AC Vacuum, this package offers the adaptability needed to meet the diverse demands of residential and light commercial flooring projects.
  • Designed for Growth: Ideal for operators looking to expand their services, this package provides the tools necessary to scale up operations and take on more ambitious projects efficiently.

Elevate Your Flooring Projects Today

Our Concrete Floor Grinder Package is your key to unlocking greater potential in the flooring industry. With its power, versatility, and efficiency, you’re set to deliver superior quality flooring solutions that stand out in the competitive market. Invest in your growth and enhance your capability to tackle larger projects confidently. Discover the difference our package can make in your flooring services.

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