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    Hand Held Saws

  • Dust Collection and Recycling

    Dust Collection and Recycling


HOME – Taman Diamond Tool Solutions

Leaders in the Diamond Tool Industry in Perth and Across Australia

Taman Diamond Tool Solutions are one of the leaders in the diamond tool industry, offering the highest quality tools and machinery at the most competitive prices, plus a full service suite of repairs, re-tipping and expert consultation.

Taman Diamond Tools Solutions specialise in diamond blades, core drilling bits, grinding and polishing tools, road and floor saws, core drilling equipment, grinding equipment, masonry and tile saws, wall saws, wire saws, hand held saws, and dust-collecting and recycling tools.

Taman Diamond Tool Solutions provide sales and customer service across Australia, with a showroom situated in Carlisle WA. Please browse our products and contact us directly for any advice or sales consultation. Taman Diamond Tool Solutions have the tools and expertise to help you get any job done.

Taman Diamond Tool Solutions are the Australian distributor for Weka Core Drills and suppliers of the diamond tool and construction industry’s most trusted brands – EHWA Diamond Tools, Makinex Machinery, HTC Grinding Equipment, Tyrolit and more.

Call (08) 9355 3588 or email sales@taman.com.au to talk to a member of our friendly team.

Find us at 177A Star Street, Carlisle WA, 6101

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