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High frequency concrete cutting equipment and blades

High Frequency Flush Cut Saw & Ring Saw Package

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Elevate Your Cutting Projects with the Complete High-Frequency Cutting Solution from WEKA

Unlock unparalleled cutting capabilities for indoor and outdoor projects with our comprehensive High-Frequency Cutting Solution, brought to you by WEKA. This cutting-edge package is designed to cater to professionals seeking exceptional depth and precision in their cutting tasks, boasting the ability to cut up to 300mm. Featuring a potent frequency converter capable of delivering up to 6500w of power, this solution is versatile enough to operate on both 3-phase and single-phase power, ensuring you’re equipped for any scenario.

Package Contents:

  • WEKA TS40 – 6,500w 16” High Frequency Hand Saw: Dive into your cutting tasks with the WEKA TS40, a high-frequency hand saw that brings unmatched efficiency and precision. With a maximum cut depth of 165mm, this saw is perfect for intricate cutting jobs that require finesse and power.
  • WEKA TR40 – 6,500w 16” High Frequency Ring Saw: For deeper cutting needs, the WEKA TR40 steps up with its impressive 300mm cut depth capability. This high-frequency ring saw is your go-to for demanding projects where depth and precision are paramount.
  • WEKA FU6D – High Frequency Converter: At the core of this solution is the WEKA FU6D High Frequency Converter, compatible with 3 Phase 20A, Single Phase 15A, and 10A. This versatile converter ensures your equipment operates at peak efficiency, providing consistent power for seamless cutting performance.
  • Zenesis Blades: Completing this package are the high-quality Zenesis blades, designed for optimal cutting efficiency:

Why Choose Our High-Frequency Cutting Solution?

  • Unmatched Depth and Precision: With cutting capabilities up to 300mm, tackle the most challenging projects with confidence.
  • Versatile Power Options: The WEKA FU6D High-Frequency Converter’s compatibility with various power setups ensures you’re always ready, regardless of the project location or power availability.
  • Comprehensive Blade Selection: With a selection of specialized Zenesis blades, you have the right tool for every cutting scenario, from flush cuts to deep ring saw operations.

Take Your Cutting Efficiency to New Depths

Our High-Frequency Cutting Solution from WEKA is more than just a set of tools; it’s a comprehensive system designed to ensure your projects are completed with the highest level of efficiency and quality. Ideal for professionals who demand the best in cutting technology, this package is ready to tackle any challenge, ensuring precision, power, and versatility. Elevate your cutting projects today with WEKA.

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