TDE-503 is a single phase double barrel self cleaning industrial vacuum. This machine has its own in built separator with continuous collection bag. This 2 stage filtering system dramatically improves its productivity and ability to handle large volumes of dust.  The new self cleaning mechanism is a handy new feature. At a flick of a switch the vacuum agitates the main filter which removes the bulk of the stubborn concrete dust so you can continue its operation without getting your hands dirty and removing the filter like on other machines.

The certified HEPA filtration to 99.99% @ 0.3 microns to guarantee that the vacuum exhaust is absolutely dust free.

This machine is suitable for medium to large size grinders, scarifiers and shot blasters.

  • Ametek vacuum motors made in Italy
  • OSHA compliant H13 HEPA filter
  • No marking type tyres
  • Lockable front castor wheels
  • Continuous bagging system ensures quick and dust free bag changes
  • Smart and portable design making transport a breeze

Spec Table

Specification Value
Voltage 240 v
Power 3000 kw
Vacuum mBar 200
Airflow M3/h 600
Noise dbA 80
Filter type HEPA filter TORAY polyester
Filter area 30000 cm2
Filter capacity 0.3 um >99.5%
Filter cleaning Automatic self cleaning & Jet pulse
Dimension 650 x 1030 x 1460 mm
Weight 83 kg