This is a medium size floor grinder great for floor preparation and concrete grinding/polishing. It has a 480mm wide grinding head with good head pressure and speed to power through any job. The machine can take a variety of diamond tooling like 75mm plugs, rediloc diamond shoes, 175mm x3 cup wheels and 175mm x3 resin pads.

This is the biggest and most productive machine you can buy with 240v power single phase power. This is the perfect machine for any floor preparation company who wants better productivity over a small cub grinder or hand grinder.

There is no complicated chains or belts drive systems that can lead to problems and expensive repair bills. The drive head or flexible head is designed with rubber bush inserts that gives you a flexible grinding head to ride the highs and lows in your floor. These bushes can be removed and fitted easily by yourself when they have worn out.

You can test drive the machine at our showroom.


Spec Table

Specification Value
Weight 160 kg (182 kg including weights) 2 x 11 kg weights
Head pressure 112 kg (134 kg with weights on head)
Dimensions 543 x 1007 x 1447 (width x height x length)
Rated voltage 230 volts 50 Hz 10 amp
Grinding width 480 rpm
Head rpm 270 rpm disc rpm 432 rpm
Production rate 55-80 m2/h
Satellite disc rpm Passive
Tooling 6 or 3 75mm plugs, 175mm x 3 cup wheels or rediloc diamond shoes
Noise rating 75-85 dB(A)
Dust port size 50mm push on