Scanmaskin Scan 800 Propane

ScanCombiflex 800 PROPANE (SC 800 PROPANE) is a robust and stable machine that is constructed to be operated without any power supply. It is powered 100% by propane gas, which makes it very flexible with many areas of use

The ScanCombiflex 800 Propane is great for outdoor applications where there is limited or no power options. Of course you can also use the machine indoors, with good ventilation. With its weight and motor power the SC 800 PROPANE is a powerful and efficient machine. The machine is  equipped with a 22 liter water tank to make it easier for you as a user, especially if the power supply is limited. The water tank binds the dust that occurs while working.

The ergonomic design reduces vibration and stress injuries to the operator and the machine can grind and polish at high speeds. SC 800 PROPANE is also designed to follow the ground for effective and consistent performance.

Scan Combiflex 800 Propane

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Spec Table

Specification Value
Motor Kawasaki FX52
Motor power 18.5 Kw
Propane tank 9 Kg
Grinding speed  600 – 960 rpm
Grinding disc 3 x 240 mm
Grinding width 800 mm
Weight 440 Kg
Water tank 22 Litre