Floorex Satellite 760 Concrete Grinder

The Satellite 760-6 Gen3 is the industry workhorse concrete preparation machine combines high diamond speed with weight making it highly productive.


With the dual counter rotating main heads, each with 3 Satellite discs, you will experience the beautiful ergonomics and low operator fatigue, making the daily grind on those large jobs much easier on you.


Featuring dual 4Kw (5.5Hp) motors, a total of 11Hp, there is no shortage of power.


True to the Satellite traditional, the Satellite 760-6 Generation3 has the super quick magnetic diamond discs retaining system that has been around for years, meaning the diamond changeover is possible in under 60 seconds.


Featuring stage start-up of the motors, the Satellite 760-6 Generation3 can be started even on poor power supplies due to the lower start-up current.


The disc RPM is optimised for large grinding projects for best productivity.


The Satellite 760-6 Generation3 is an exceptionally versatile machine, capable of delivering productivity that you would only expect from much larger machines, giving your company very good return on investment.

The Satellite 760-6 Generation3 accepts 6x 175mm Satellite discs, or 6-12 tapered diamond plugs.


The single lifting point makes lifting the machine a breeze and the super rugged locking mechanism is designed to last the distance.


Also included is the HVA meter showing you information on the graphical display as you work such as:

  • Hour Meter (Total Run Hours)
  • Voltage at Machine Current (Amps)
  • % of Load on Machine with a Bar Graph

Spec Table

Specification Value
Prep Path 760mm
Variable Speed No
Power Type Three Phase
Planetary Type &

Machine Style

Passive Planetary

Push Machine

Number of Discs 6 Discs
Production Rate 110-150m²/hr
Tool Diameter 50mm Plug, 75mm Turbo Plug, 175mm
Head RPM 280rpm




415 VAC




Dimensions &


1574mm (L) x 843mm (W) x 109mm (H)

315kg (Additional – 2x 15kg)

Noise Rating 75-85dB(A)
Dust Port Size 50mm Push On, 75mm Hose Tail