Floorex Satellite 480 Concrete Grinder & Polisher

The Satellite 480 Gen3 is a triple disc single 230V reliable diamond grinder & polisher that combines high diamond speed with optimum weight for the best efficiency, making the 480 one of the most productive machines in its class.


The Satellite 480has a 2.2Kw (3Hp) motor and a very efficient power transmission system meaning you get as much power as possible to floor. The super fast magnetic diamond disc retaining system has been around for years meaning the Satellite 480 is true to the Satellite tradition with diamond changeover possible in under 60 seconds.


Satellite 480 main disc RPM is variable speed so you can optimise the cutting speed to suit your grinding and polishing project.


Included is the HVA meter showing you information on the graphical display as you work such as:

  • Hour Meter (Total Run Hours)
  • Voltage at Machine Current (Amps)
  • % of Load on Machine with a Bar Graph

Exceptionally versatile machine capable of delivering productivity and performance reliability.


The Satellite 480 accepts 3 x 175mm Satellite discs or 3 or even 6 tapered diamond plugs and much more.


The single lifting point makes lifting the machine a breeze and the super rugged handle locking mechanism is designed to last.

Floorex Satellite 480 Grinder

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Spec Table

Specification Value
Prep Path 480mm
Variable Speed No
Power Type Single Phase 10A
Planetary Type &

Machine Style

Passive Planetary

Push Machine

Number of Discs 3 Disc
Production Rate 55-80m²/hr
Tool Diameter 175mm
Head RPM

Satellite Disc RPM







230 VAC




Dimensions &


1450mm (L) x 505mm (W) x 1005mm (H)

150kg (Additional – 2x 11kg)

Noise Rating 75-85dB(A)
Dust Port Size 50mm Push On