Floorex Meteor 250 Floor Grinder

The Meteor 250 Generation3 230V Diamond Grinder is the latest 250mm floor grinder from Floorex with features like the HVA meter and auto axle height.


Built on the strength of the MkII model we have been building for years, the Meteor G3 is no small upgrade.


The rugged and reliable features contractors and hire companies love like the solid state electronics, the tough induction motor, the reliable coupling and the precision bearing – non marking wheels, are all still the same.


Our design and engineering team have listened to the industry and have designed the best Meteor 250 yet. Improvements include:

  • Auto Axle height. One of the most notable improvements, which means the user never has to adjust or set the axle height again. Patented design.
  • The ergonomics and usability of this fantastic grinder.
  • Quick settings on the axle swivel allowing you to swap from normal grinding to edging in seconds with no tools.
  • 50% thicker stainless shroud for even greater durability.
  • The Floorex HVA display showing voltage and amps and percent of load while grinding.
  • The HVA display also shows the total running hours of the machine.
  • Improved single lifting point.
  • Improved handle lock mechanism.


Nearly all professional contactors need an aggressive and compact machine for small areas and this little beauty is just that – being direct driven all the power of the machine is available at the surface.


This proven machine is compact and exceptionally easy to use with very little gouging thanks to the specially designed “Spider Coupling” that is the heart of the machine allowing the diamond tooling to following typical undulations in the floors and still flatten the surface without gouging.


The blade changeover is very simple using the on-board spanner and one nut. You can changeover blades in less than a minute.


The Meteor comes with a full shroud for general grinding. The Meteor can also be fitted with an edger shroud allowing the machine to grind as close as 2mm from the edges.


Excellent for small areas on both commercial and domestic projects, for glue removal and levelling high spots and general concrete preparation.

Floorex Meteor 250 Floor Grinder

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Spec Table

Specification Value
Prep Path 250mm
Variable Speed No
Power Type Single Phase 10A
Planetary Type &

Machine Style

Single Disc

Push Machine

Number of Discs 1 Disc
Production Rate 25-40m²/hr
Tool Diameter 250mm
Head RPM 1440rpm




230 VAC




Dimensions &


1077mm (L) x 915mm (H) x 463mm (W)


Noise Rating 75-85db(A)
Dust Port Size 50mm Push On