Floor-Pro Revo 300

The FLOOR-PRO REVO 300 combines impressive high performance with a low weight. The simple design of the machine ensures easy operation. The handle bar can be quickly adjusted for operator comfort and control. Noise and vibration levels are minimal during normal operation. The compact dimensions and low weight allow it to pass through all doors and be transported to every floor level, even onto a balcony. The 12A single phase motor produces an impressive 2.2 kW and can be used in virtually any household or site.

The Floor-Pro Revo 300 gives you high performance with a low weight. Features of the Floor-Pro Revo 300 include:

  • Grinding width: 300mm
  • Chassis width: 305mm
  • Chassis length: 750mm
  • Total weigh:t 55kg
  • Vacuum hose nozzle diameter: 50mm
  • Height adjustment: automatic
  • Power: 2.2kW/240V

Download the full Floor-Pro Revo 300 brochure here >>