Specialised Core Drill Machinery For The Toughest Of Jobs

If you are looking for a WEKA core drill or core drilling equipment, our diamond tool experts are able to provide you with honest, impartial and expert advice, and help you to understand which of our heavy-duty WEKA core drills best suits your specific needs. Taman provides an outstanding range of drilling solutions for businesses right across Australia, and we pride ourselves on continuously sourcing the best new tools, equipment and accessories to help our customers better meet the demands of the projects that they undertake. We also stock a large range of WEKA spare parts for many drills such as the WEKA DK16 and the WEKA Dk32 and more.

We understand that no project should ever be too big or too small for a competitive business, which is why our team of core drilling specialists are forever looking for innovative new drilling solutions, like WEKA core drills, to add to the already impressive list of core drilling solutions that we offer Australian businesses in a wide range of industries. WEKA offers a wide-ranging range of premium quality core drills, all of which are heavy-duty, powerful, and come with competitive warranties. Their broad range of drilling products includes universal diamond core drills, as well as single and three phase core drills.

These are heavy-duty core drills of the highest quality, drills which are distinguished by their high power and wide drilling ranges, empowering professional drill users to achieve phenomenal results. We are Australia’s largest supplier of WEKA core drills from the DK08 to the WEKA SR75 three phase core drill. We have 30 years industry experience and when you choose to use us you can expect the best price, the right advice to tackle the job the right way the FIRST time around and we have a dedicated workshop for repairs and re-tipping. Power is paramount to us at Taman as we understand the gruelling requirements tough jobs can command. We have the right powerful drills for the most demanding jobs imaginable and we have a dual warehouse in Carlisle and ship Australia wide. So complete the “Get A Quote” form at the bottom of this page, call us now on (08) 9355 3588 to run your requirements by our expert team for free advice and the very best price on core drills and core drill machinery.

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