Taman Diamond Tool Solutions has a broad range of core drilling bits in stock, including core drilling bits with male back end fittings and female back end fittings. We can also provide specialty custom made barrels should you require a specialist core drill bit produced to meet the needs of a particular project you are undertaking.
All the core drill bits we offer here on our website are of an exceptionally high quality, with each core drill bit available in a variety of different bond types, such as brick and block, granite, limestone, as well as hard, medium and soft reinforced concrete.
Our core drill bits are also available in a broad range of sizes, including the standard industry length (effective drilling length) for each particular core drill bit, so as to empower you to select the most suitable size bit for the project you are working on.
Whatever the project that your business is undertaking, Taman has a core drilling solution which meets the needs and requirements of that project, and at a price our competitors can’t match. We pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective drilling solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of Australian businesses.

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  • Core Drill Bit – 1-1/4″ UNC-BEF (female back end fitting)

  • Core Drill Bit – 1/2″ BSP BEF (male back end fitting)

  • Specialty Custom Made Barrels