Outstanding Road and Floor Saws To Slice Through The Toughest Jobs

Whether you are cutting slabs, pavements, crack chasing, road sawing, or landscaping, we have road and floor saws to deliver and exceed on your expectations. Our huge selection of floor and road saws includes machines that can have multiple blades ranging from 12″ to 36″  in diameter. We have walk behind saws that can cut to a max depth of 16″. We stock Makinex and Core Cut road and floor saws so you know you will be getting a quality experience and outcome when you’re on the job.

We have over 30 years experience in road and floor saws and you are most welcome to give us a call, send us an online query or drop in to our showroom at 177 Star St Carlisle as we will be able to advise you on job tips and save you a lot of time, prevent you from frustration and reward you as a customer with trade pricing.

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