Hand Held Saws To Power Through Any Job

Taman stocks a large range of flush cut, high frequency chainsaws and wall chasers. Stocking brands such as Metabo, HBE, Hycon, ICS and WEKA we have the right tools for sawing in the most demanding of jobs.  We are Australia’s largest supplier of WEKA tools and the WEKA Disc Saws can be used through multiple surfaces such as stone, asphalt, masonry and concrete. If you are unsure of the abilities of one of our expert hand held saws and chainsaws please call us for a free job assessment so we can match our powerful chainsaws, hand held saws and wall chasers to your job requirements. Don’t have time or don’t want to call us? Send us an online query outlining your job and we’ll get back to you as soon as practical. Or call Taman Diamond Tools by clicking on the phone number up the top now and a helpful team member will quote you accordingly.

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