Drilling Tools To Make The Most Enduring & Intensive Projects Efficient

If you’re dealing with tough, reinforced concrete, then our range of larger stand mounted WEKA Core drills are the Drill of choice. From the ever popular DK32 single phase, 3 speed drill, capable of drilling up to 350mm holes, right through to the SR75 3 phase Mammut, 18 speed core drill that can drill up to 900mm Core holes, we have the machines for your application. Our range of core drills have universal use, and can deal with even the toughest jobs.Our 30 years of experience mean we know the kind of features that professionals need, and when you buy a WEKA concrete drill through us, you can be sure of the highest quality build that’ll last longer.

Core Drilling Machines

We have a large range of core drills from Weka.  This includes the heavy duty DRA500 Core Drill System, which allows you to drill up to 900mm diameters when using distance plates.

Drill Stands

When you buy a concrete drill with Taman Diamond Tool Solutions, we have a range of accessories that fit these models perfectly, and this includes several drill stands.

Core Drill Systems

We Have Australia’s Largest Range Of WEKA core drills including their world renowned core drill systems that can handle any job, no matter how tough. No matter how far you have to drill through, we have the hydraulic or core drill system that will make the job easy.

Drilling Accessories

Our range of accessories have been designed to fit our concrete drills, and these help you undertake a wide range of drilling jobs. We offer vacuum pumps, drill extensions, adaptors, water swivels, water collecting rings, anchor rod kits, and hammer drill bits.

Core Drilling Bits

Taman stocks a comprehensive range of male and female back end drill bits of varying lengths and diameters, with custom sizes made to order. Suitable for wet and dry use, these ultra-tough drill bits will power through concrete, brick, granite, making even the hardest materials easy to drill.