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Supplying Perth, WA and Australia With The Best Diamond Tool Solutions

30 Years Experience

Taman Diamond Tool Solutions are one of the leaders in the diamond tool industry, supplying diamond tools and machinery, plus repairs, re-tipping and expert advice for over 30 years.

High Quality Diamond Tools

Taman Diamond Tool Solutions are the Australian distributor for Weka Core Drills and suppliers of the diamond tool and construction industry’s most trusted brands.

Switched On Advice

Taman Diamond Tool Solutions are renowned within the industry for their knowledge, expertise and customer service. Founder Mike Taman started Taman Tools in 1995 & helped grown it to become the trusted one-stop solution for all diamond tool needs.

Cutting Solutions

A Massive Range Of Tools To Solve Any Cutting Job

Taman is an industry leader in providing Cutting Solutions for all sized jobs. We have a dedicated team in store at our dual Carlisle warehouse that can source from the most intricate to the heaviest and most demanding cutting tools for your job or contract. We have over 30 years experience and regularly save our customers a lot of time and frustration by advising the right tools for the job, the first time round. We also ship Australia wide so if you are unable to swing by our showroom and dual warehouse you can simply phone or email your order specs through and we will ensure it is not only filled quickly but you get first class sales support. We also stock a huge number of diamond blades to cut through all surfaces including concrete as deep as 500mm, We can also provide cutting solutions to cut deeper than 500mm using diamond wire. From our dual warehouse in Carlisle we offer re-tipping and repairs. Please give us a call today so we can provide you with free advice.

Drilling Solutions

Australia’s Largest WEKA Supplier & A Huge Range Of Drilling Solutions

Taman is the biggest supplier of WEKA core drills in Australia. WEKA is European high end quality and we supply many jobs around Perth and Australia with heavy duty drilling solutions. From the Weka DK08 to the Weka SR75 we have a diverse range of highly reliable and hard working electric, hydraulic and pneumatic drills. The WEKA core drills we supply have been used around Perth to complete landmark jobs such as the sinking of the railway line in Perth, the Subiaco tunnel, the Northern Line tunnel, Elizabeth Quay and the construction of Optus Stadium.

Core Drilling Perth

Grinding Equipment Perth

Grinding Solutions

Grinding Solutions for the most demanding of jobs and contracts

We offer a large range of Grinding Solutions that can be inspected in our showroom in Carlisle. We offer grinding and polishing tools for marble, concrete, and many other surface jobs. We sell surface preparation and dust collection products with servicing across Australia with our express shipping. Call through to the sales line today for a free consult on your grinding job requirements.

Get The Job Done Right The First Time Around With Taman.

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