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A leading name in the Australian diamond tool and construction industry, Taman Diamond Tool Solutions has been supplying businesses in Perth and across the country with premium quality tools, equipment and accessories for more than 30 years now.

If you are in need of an innovative and reliable concrete grinding solution in the form of high quality concrete grinders and grinding tools for a project that you are undertaking, it suffices to say that you need an industry-renowned Taman solution.

Along with a wide range of premium quality tools and equipment that empower you to achieve more on-site, we are also able to provide you with unequalled levels of industry knowledge, specialist tool expertise, and our trademark customer service standards that have made us the most trusted one-stop solution for all your diamond tool and machinery needs here in Perth, WA, and right across Australia.

Wide range of Concrete Grinders and Grinding Tools

Our selection of grinding solutions is wide and varied, and includes all the tools and equipment that you have need of for any concrete grinding application, with all the major names in grinding solutions, including Hitachi, HTC Greyline, Floor-Pro, and Shinano, well-represented.

So, whether you are looking for a concrete floor grinder, a powerful angle grinder with a diamond blade for cutting concrete, or a handheld sander for concrete applications, the solution you are looking for is awaiting you among the impressive range that Taman proudly provides. We also have an extensive selection of cup grinders, including arrow, double row, spiral, turbo, and epoxy grinding cup wheels.

With such a wide range of products available for you to make your selection of, should you find yourself a little overwhelmed with the range you are presented with, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are renowned within both the diamond tool and construction industries for providing informed specialist advice, and we look forward to helping you select the right grinding equipment and tools for your needs.

Product Information and Specifications

To help you make the right decisions about the concrete grinders and grinding tools that Taman offers Australian businesses, we have made a wealth of information on all our premium tools, equipment and accessories accessible for you to avail yourself of. This information is found in the form of product information and specifications, and can be quickly and easily accessed by clicking on the product links found below.

You will find a detailed product description that outlines the features of the product, the applications that it is intended for, along with all the information you need about the product’s height, weight, size, and power requirements.

Additionally, there is also an insightful PDF download available for the majority of our concrete grinders and concrete grinding tools. However, should you require more information about any of our products, or would simply like to ask us for advice, give the team at Taman Diamond Tool Solutions a call, we look forward to helping you select the right solution for your needs.

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