Cutting Solutions


At Taman Diamond Tool Solutions, we have over 30 years’ experience supplying high quality Concrete Saws and Diamond Tools, we also provide expert advice. This experience has ensured we supply the most practical Concrete Saws for many applications. With models from 9HP to 100HP that are suitable for cutting to all depths, we have a concrete saw for all your projects.


Our Concrete Saws range in size for cutting all depths and material and coupled with our Trade or Pro Range of Diamond Blades are able to cut through all sorts of materials.

  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Brick
  • Slabs
  • Paving

Electric or petrol concrete saws

Our range includes both electric and petrol concrete saws, both of which have their own advantages. The Makinex FS-130ESP Electric Concrete Floor Saw is a lightweight model which is easy to grip and allows you to get deeper cuts, as well as making it easy to get closer to walls and into corners.

If you want to go for a petrol model, then the Makinex FS-150P Petrol Concrete Floor Saw will suit your task, and its lifting hook makes handling easy. Our experience with Concrete saws means we are able to supply a concrete saw with many handy features such as easily adjusted blades, and a guided sight that makes it straight cutting easier.

Diamond Blades

In addition to supplying high-quality concrete saws, we also supply a wide range of diamond blades available in different sizes to suit different cutting applications. Our Pro and Trade Series Concrete Floor Saw Blades are available with soft, medium, and hard bonds, and are suitable for wet use or dry, while our Trade Series Concrete Blade is suitable for general concrete cutting, and is great for pavers and hard clay bricks. For specialist jobs such as asphalt and green concrete, our Pro and Trade Series Asphalt,

Abrasive and Limestone Blade makes light work of heavy jobs, and has superior undercut protection. This blade fits into many of our models, from floor to hand-held saws, and we have many sizes available.

Technical knowledge

When choosing the right concrete saw, you want to know that it has been well designed, and that you can get technical help when needed. The team at Taman Diamond Tool Solutions have many years’ experience with these machines, and can provide advice and support along the way. In addition to supplying tools and accessories, we also do repairs and servicing and offer re-tipping service, keeping your tools in the best possible condition.

Cutting concrete and other tough materials is a breeze with our range of concrete saws, and other machinery. With handy features and lightweight tools, they may light work of cutting concrete, and can be easily carried. Whether you’re cutting concrete floors or walls, we can help you find the right petrol or electric concrete saw, and provide the right blades

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